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Swarna Bindu Prashana

What is Swarna Bindu Prashana?

It is a unique Ayurvedic immunization method that is beneficial for Physical and mental growth, increases immunity, and improves digestive power.

History of Swarna Prashana:
Many Sanskara’s are practiced since the olden days for the better growth And the maturity of human beings:
Eg: Annaprashana , Aksharabhayasa etc.

In the same way, Swarna Bindu Prashana is practiced for the good Physical, mental, and immunological growth of baby.

Contents of Swarna Prashana:

  • Gold Bhasma ,
  • Honey, and
  • Medicated Ghee.

Importance of swarna bhasma :
Gold has imumunostimulant , analgesic, antidepressant properties .
It nourishes and strengthens the body and improves intelligence.

Importance of honey:
Pollen grains are the main allergy-causing agents.
Honey contains a lot of Pollen grains so when honey is given in small doses,
It acts as an Antigen and helps to develop antibodies thus improving immunity.

Importance of medicated Ghee :
Ghee is the best medicine as it mixes well with many drugs without altering Drug effect. The main ingredients used in the ghee are Mandukaparni, Brahmi, Yastimadhu etc. and this is used as a base for Swarna Prashana.

Importance of pushya nakshatra :
Pushya Nakshatra is regarded most auspicious in the Hindu scriptures. Pushya means 'to nourish' and hence this nakshatra provides energy and power. Natives born under this nakshatra(constellation) are always ready to help and serve people. They also believe in moving ahead in life through their hard work and abilities.

Benefits of swarna prashana:
1.Promotes memory, intellect, and learning ability
2.Increases body immunity and resistance against infections.
3.Helps to improve Appetite, Digestion, and Bowel habits

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