Special Packages

De-Stress Package

Discover tranquility and relaxation with our De-stress Package, designed to rejuvenate your mind and body for holistic well-being

Corporate Wellness Package

Prioritize employee well-being with our Corporate Wellness Package, offering stress-reduction therapies to enhance productivity and health

Pre Post Natal Care

Support women's health during and after pregnancy with our Pre & Post Natal Care, emphasizing holistic well-being for mothers and newborns

One Day Detox Care

Experience instant detoxification with our One-Day Detox Care, a holistic Ayurvedic method to rejuvenate and restore your well-being

Classical Detox Package

Experience the transformative power of our Classical Detox Package, a comprehensive Ayurvedic approach to purify and rejuvenate your body and mind

Anti Ageing Package

Rediscover youthfulness with our Anti-Aging Package, a holistic approach to slow down the effects of time and enhance your natural beauty