Hair Care

Kesha Poshana Therapy

A pure ayurvedic customized treatment for Natural and Healthy Hair growth. This Procedure includes

1)Head massage
3)Kesha lepa [ Hair Pack]

1. Head Massage:

Head massage is done with Ayurvedic Hair Oil, which is rich in nutrients. Hair and Hair root needs nutrition to grow nice and thick. Head massage with warm oil will improve blood circulation, stimulates new hair Growth. Added benefits like it reduce stress, anxiety, headache, sleeplessness And gives the best relaxation.

2. Takradhara:

Continuous and gently pouring of medicated liquids over the forehead. This treatment is known for its best stress-relieving quality.
Here we use it mainly for scalp and hair-related problems and medication. The liquid will be prepared accordingly to the condition. The pouring of warm medicated liquid over the scalp will boost blood circulation, boost new hair production, Strengthens the existing hairs, And delays the hair-falling phase.

Here the effect will be by three methods.

1)Pressure effect
2)Heat effect
3)Medicine effect

So the results will be as expected.

4. Kesha Lepa [ Hair pack]

Applying an ayurvedic blend of powders along with curd / Egg/buttermilk /Coconut milk etc depending on the condition Before the treatment, a detailed hair examination and issues Will be assessed.

Like lack of moisture or lack of protein/dandruff/scalp psoriasis/ Patter baldness / thinning of hairs etc.

Knowing the correct hair problems and taking appropriate treatment is Necessary . so do not delay consulting our Trichologist to take hair Assessment.
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